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Sick Policy



Kids get sick, there is almost no avoiding it.  But we can however minimise their exposure as much as possible!  FOR THIS REASON,  please read my sick policy.  This is to protect all of us from getting sick!  I do require all children to be up to date on their vaccines as well.  


If your child has the following:


fever over 100 degrees

pink eye

ear infection

throwing up

strep throat

or something else that is highly contagious or requires medicine, please keep your child home until he or she feels better, or until there has been 3 doses of the required medicine to treat the illness at minimum. Or in cases of fever, vomitting, etc., 24 hours until the symptoms have passed   In the event your child becomes ill while in my care you will be contacted and pick up as prompt as possible is expected


Should I become ill and feel I cannot care for the childre safely and effectively I apologise but I will have to close until I can.  The safety and health of our kids is number one!