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Happy Hearts Home Childcare Services

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Who We Are and what we do!

I have been a stay at home mom to my 3 children ages 10,7 and 3 for 10 years. I enjoy working and being around children and I find it so rewarding to watch them grow and learn daily.  My children will all be attending  Dr Ross Tilley school full time in September.

I love playing with the kids, going to parks and playgrounds, taking them places like zoos and farms and learning along side them.

I believe kids learn best through play.  We do alot of fun hands on activities throughout our days, of course age appropriate!  play doh, colouring, alphabet and number pages, cloud dough, painting,puzzles,seek and finds, the list is ongoing.  I do have some busy bins that are filled with some independant activities and toys with which the kids are encouraged to play while I am making snacks and lunches.  We have a kids table up stairs where activities and toys will be put out upon arrival.
We have a large fully fenced in yard where we can play all kinds of games and activities when we are not at one of the 4 playgrounds in our neighborhood (2 of which have water features). 

Tons of toys games and activities are available.





Please note that we do have 2 cats that sleep mostly all day-fat kitty is 13 years old and chewbacca  (hmm is that how you spell it?) aka chew chew baby, is 5 years old.  They mostly sleep all day and are up all night!  We also have a little chihuahua named Milly. Milly has some health issues that affect her vision a little and her balance but she is the sweeted little 4 pound pup you have ever met, loves kids and cuddling.  She does not bark, although is known on occassion to "sing" when the noise level is right!  If my little sweeties change your mind about my home daycare, I encourage you to come and meet us first! 



Sample Monday schedual:

Arrival: quiet activities (depending on arrival time, a sleep area can be made available if needed) 

9:00 take kids to school

9:30 Enjoy time at the OEYC drop in at Dr Ross Tilley

10:00 Snack time! 

11:00 arrive back at home for free play/learning or outside time (weather permitting)

12:00 lunch time!

1:00  reading, then quiet time or nap time if needed 

2:30  wake up time,

3:15  pick up kids at school

3:35 play at park (weather permitting)

4:00 return home for snack!

6:00 pick up time!


*Please note, potty breaks can be schedualed and I will follow along with whatever plan you are using as much as possible.  


*All snacks and lunches will be as close to homemade as possible!  Please please help me feed your child wonderful food he/she enjoys by giving me an idea of things that are liked at home!


* this is  a plan that can change when needed, this is not written in stone.  If someone is having a not so happy day things will be moved around to lessen the likelihood of more unhappiness!


*Snack and meal plans will be out monthy  , however I reserve the right to change anything within it at any time!